HELP with Sierra Airlink LX60

I am trying to get a LX60 in our testing lab connected to the network. I can get local access to the device when I’m connected to Ethernet one directly into my laptop and changing the IP on it.

When I plug the LX60 into the switch I’m unable to get to the GUI or ping the address from ANYWHERE except on the switch it’s directly connected to.

I’ve looked at the settings and read countless posts on here, we were thinking it could be something to do with setting the correct default gateway on the Host Port Routing section under the LAN settings… but trying to disable/enable it here and playing around with it proved nothing.

It’s bizarre to me that there isn’t a place to set a static route or default gateway in the Lan - Ethernet Settings.

I’m hoping someone on here has ran into some type of similar issues and can be able to assist.

It’s connected to a L3 switch to a routed port in it’s own VLAN.

Hi tdj7397,

You should make sure that LX60 and laptop must be connected to switches with same VLAN. You should aslo add a second IP for your Laptop with same subnet of the VLAN of module.
Linux and Windows allow adding multiple Ips. As the second IP is used in LAN switching only so you don’t need to add “default gateway” for this IP.