Help with Airprime SL6087B

Good Morning:
I am the owner of a Renault Espace that has mounted a TCE Sierra Wireless Airprime SL6087B.
My wife has a disease called electrohypersensitivity and is affected by all the waves that emit in 2G, 3G and 4G frequency, so I need to disconnect the emission from the TCU.
Renault technicians have been investigating since the beginning of the year, but they fail to deactivate these waves.
I have seen that the program to access the TCU, the drivers and the manual with the commands is available on its website.
Could you tell me if you can use this program through the cable and OBD connection that the car carries? Or would we have to disassemble the entire panel to access the TCU through the USB port it carries?
Could you tell me the commands and signals that I should disable exactly? In the dealership they tell me that I have the e-call signal and the ET028 signal active, but they are not able to deactivate them.
Please, I need your help because as I indicated, it is a health problem and my wife cannot use public transportation; You can only use our car and you are having a really bad time.
Thank you for your understanding and attention.