HELP Method to view AVL data on iPhone or droid

We currently utilize SW GX-440/vzw for mobile hotspot capability and sending vehicle location data to our CAD system at our 911 center. These are paramedic units. I am looking for a method, nothing fancy and either free or cheap, to allow me or others on my management staff to quickly locate any of our vehicles using our iPhones or Droids. Currently I did set up a bookmark for each unit, I can go to the unit’s ACE Manager, login then under status hit GPS and then MAP.

It seems like there would be an easier way. Since the GX-440s can send AVL data to 4 servers, I did not know if there was a way to set up a local “server” or other method.

If anyone has any thoughts, please share them on this forum or directly.

I am trying to avoid subscribing to a $30/month per unit service for occasional use.

Thank you,

Scott Stoller, Director
Anderson County EMS & Special Operations
213 S. Towers St.
Anderson, SC 29624
(864) 209-1101