Gx400 at*apen=?

The APEN command should set the WiFi to B/G and B/G/N, however, it should also turn it off by setting it to ATAPEN=0. It does not shut off the WiFi, however the GX says OK.

How odd; has anyone used this command before to shut off the WiFi over the serial connection?
Is there a way to shut off the WiFi over the Serial connection?


Hi Carl,

Please refer to ALEO user guide,

APEN used to query or set the Wi-Fi Access Point mode.
• n=2 b/g Enabled
• n=3 b/g/n Enabled

To disable Wi-Fi, please use ATWIFIMODE=0, for info:
• n=0 Disabled
• n=1 AP (Access Point)
• n=2 Client
• n=3 AP and Client

Hope it helps.

AT*WIFIMODE=n Worked as advertised.
I had an older version of the manual thus I missed the command.

Many thanks.