Gobi serial USB buffer size, how to increase?

I ran into an issue the other day, trying to change some carrier aggregation settings. When running the command AT!LTECA? on Windows, I get a very long response. Running the same thing on my Linux machine I get no answer. Other AT commands work just fine, but this response seems to be too long, about 5k.
Searching a bit, I don’t find any clear answers, but a few places it is suggested to increase the serial UART buffer from 4k up to whatever is needed, but that didn’t seem to work.
I didn’t find much in the GobiSerial driver, and not much in the usb-serial driver either, so I am a bit lost on how to make this work properly.
Does anyone have any idea?

Hi @dannypoulsen

Please use the latest GobiSerial driver (S2.39N2.60) from Sierra at here:

I can get a very long response, When I enter the command AT!LTECA? on MC7455 FW, Ubuntu 18.04 with the latest GobiSerial driver (S2.39N2.60) from Sierra.

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I have attached the screenshot for your reference.

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Ok, not sure what happened on my end, but now even my Windows Putty causes the modem to reset and restart.
The output you get is not even close to what I used to get, your output is at best 1500 bytes. I tried most other AT commands and none made that long output.
Maybe it is the AT modem handler afterall