gcc compiler inclusion


is the gcc compiler included by default as soon as a c program is written?


It is included in the full installer.

Whether you write your program before (using other tools) or after installing Developer Studio is up to you… 8)


@awneil thanks a lot for your replies. im very new to this developer studio and (non-university) embedded programming. theory is relatively easy. practical implementation reaaaaly hard!!! can i send you a personal message to explain my current objective? perhaps you would have one or two suggestions to point me in the right direction.


If you want private consultancy/tuition, that would be chargeable…


its jus a simple scenario. i have a bunch of “bare” c files i.e. header and source files, all using only sierra packages, not any custom libraries etc. and i need to intergrate these to form a runable project, in order to finally execute them as an app on a target device, as a .dwl file type.