Forcing modem to use single phone line

Hi, all

We have some issues when SIM is provisioned to use 2 lines.
Is there a way to force modem to always use single line? Basically we want to make sure line 0 is always used for outgoing calls and all incoming calls on line 1 are ignored?

We do subscribe to call services, but, for incoming calls, we do not get NEW_ID event, instead we only get ringing indication without line number.

Rudolf Ladyzhenskii

The ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID event would be generated if u get a +WIND:5,X indication.So once check for the wind indications you are receiving.
But personally i dont think so there is an API with which you can force the modem to always use a single line.


That would be my thought, also: surely, the decision on which line to use lies with the network?