Flash Read Failure


Description of the issue:
We are storing geo fence config to the flash. And this data is used to detect fence entry exit.
After working successfully for a few hours we are seeing issues with the flash- read failures

On reboot we see the Error : ADL_RET_ERR_UNKNOWN_HDL. (we are creting the handle only once. Every app restart doesnt create this handle)
So, I put in a patch to subscribe for every power up to get rid off this issue, but now I see some other error : ADL_RET_ERR_SPECIFIC_BASE meaning ADL_FLH_RET_ERR_OBJ_NOT_EXIST

The possibility of flash really getting corrupted is not high, as the number of read/writes to the flash are very minimal. Read happens only on power up and write happens only if there is a config change command.

Is there a possibility that firmware goofs up and loses the flash handles? say due to some watchdog resets (software wd)?

Has anyone faced such issues? Please give your suggestions on how to proceed.



I feel the problem is, that particular flash area has got corrupted because of a reset before a flash
write has succeeded. Did you try subscribing to other flash id. Did you face the same problem ?

You have to subscribe every time application is started and get a handle.

handle = adl_adSubscribe(…)