File System management with AT Commands - Source code


This application has been written to use the existing flash on the AirPrime module to store user data through the use of the on board file system.
The file system allows to create files and directories in the flash for retrieval later. The AT command set provided in this application allows for a single volume to be created on the flash. Source code is provided to let you play with the APIs and do even more.

The provided source code bring the ability to:

  • Init File System Driver
  • Set Current Path
  • List file and directories at the current path
  • Remove Directory
  • Create Directory
  • Delete File
  • Create File with given name and content
  • Format volume
  • Open File with given name and read content
  • Get volume info

Click here to get the application source code.

Note: File system is available starting with Open AT Application Framework 2.5x