Failures of Silver Creek tests for SNMP v2c

My platform description:

FastrackSupreme 10 with IESM Ethernet installed

Open AT Firmware v7.3.0.a.00
Open AT OS v6.21.02
WIP Plug-in v5.10.2020

I’ve configured a SNMP agent according to WIP LIb user’s user’s manual and ran tests for SNMPv2c from industry-standard SNMP Silvercreek Tests Suite (Evaluation version). Many tests were even uninitiated due to serious error discovered at initial phase of testing.

The detailed tests report couldn’t be provided until licensing issues are clarified.

Have you also submitted this through proper support channels to Sierra Wireless?

Yes, we (see also SNMP related bug reports posted by Renata) started to ask Sierra Wireless (via their distributor) SNMP related questions/problems about two months ago. 10 days ago we even had a phone conference with Sierra Wireless. Unfortunately, up to now there is no any adequate feedback from Sierra Wireless regarding reported problems with SNMP implementation.