Expresso Download

Hi there,

I just don’t know where can I download expresso, does it comes with the Open AT Software Suit??? Because i can’t find it :blush: :imp:
Can anyone help me please??? :unamused:

Thanks :mrgreen:

go to
click on products
click on expresso
this gets you here ( … l=expresso)

I already tried that, the problem is that this link goes to this one: … cts_openAT

in order to download the “Open AT® Software Suite” and I already downloaded it, but it only has the m2m Studio… any other idea??? :cry:

hmm. ok.
i suggest you find a way to report this to the web-master?

expresso is indeed part of the OpenAT software suite.

you can download the lightInstaller to save on the overhead to downlaod

You’re right… the expresso comes in the lightinstaller… but i noticed that after I made this post :laughing:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I can’t find Expresso in the lightinstaller :frowning: It is still available?