Error Couldn't reserve 3600072 bytes of space for cygwin's h


WinXP, Visual Studio.Net 2003, Open AT 3.14
When you try to build a project Build get the message
If anyone knows write.Thanrs
Performing Makefile project actions
Loading Open AT IDE…
20 [main] ? 292 init_cheap: Couldn’t reserve 3600072 bytes of space for cygwin’s heap, Win32 error 487
C:\OpenAT\IDE\IDE\1.02.03\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (292): *** AllocationBase 0x0, BaseAddress 0x616D0000, RegionSize 0x70000, State 0x10000
RNTI : error PRJ0002 : error result returned from ‘c:\docume~1\9335~1\locals~1\temp\bat000001.bat’.