Enhanced Network Selection for Fixed Application

Could someone explain how the Enhanced Network Selection for Fixed Application feature mode work ?
This is command “AT+WBHV=9,n”

What could be the drawback to activate it when the device is moved to another place, or when the SIM card/opertaor is changed ?

Hi GMarnier,

To my understanding, Enhanced Network Selection for Fixed Application allow module to directly try sync the last serving cell during power up, so it don’t have to perform a complete power measurement to speed up.

In case of changing location and carrier SIM, it will do automatically the full power measurement.

Hope it helps.

Thank you Iotam,
Your answer was my guess. However, if so, I don’t understand why this feature is not enabled by default. I see no drawbacks at all…

Presumably, if the device has moved or the cell environment has changed, it will take longer to connect. Or may (initially) connect to a “sub-optimal” cell :question:

Yes, I agree with awneil.
It may takes longer time or result in less ideal cell initially… the main idea maybe this feature is not something in 3GPP standard so it has to be disabled by default.

If developers are sure about this feature and which match the application design, then they can enable it manually.

Well, your guess are also mine…
I’d like to have more information, but OK.

I have devices that stay fixed “most” of the time. I’ll do my tries on field with a lot of cautious and post here my results if I understand something valuable.

Thank you for your help.

Note that even “fixed” devices still switch between available cells - because the RF environment is not a static thing!