EM9190 convert to EM9191

I found a EM9190, and i have a board to properly power it up in usb or PCI mode, and need someone to provide me some config and guidance on disabling mmwave ports to avoid extra power consumption/heat. I need the output below

to disable the MMWAVE antenna scan, i can do the command below (i believe)
first query what mmw is detected (maybe nothing?)

Then issue commands for each device detected (could be 1-16)

Is there any other heat/power mitigation? i can disable GPS also but may be missing something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

The EM9190 cannot use the mmWave antennas by default. To use the mmWave antennas, you will have to acquire mmWave antennas and integrate them with your application. Sierra will guide you if you want to use mmWave.

@ajoseph: “guidance on disabling mmwave”

thanks, but i need the usb and pci information so my hardware will think it’s a em9191. can anyone supply the information requested?

For USB, please refer the guide from Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation).

For PCIe driver information, please reach out to your designated support Sierra or Sierra authorized distributor support channel.

No one here can just supply me the output of AT!PCIESSDID?

Sierra SVID 0X18D7
Sierra SSID 0x0200

It’s available in the Linux Integration Guide for PCIe customers.

Thanks for the information, this is the exact values for the em9190 also, i guess the only difference to a OS would be the actual name on the card. thanks again!

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