EM7565 supports only IPV4

Hi All,

I am using EM7565 with Android.
I have integrated RIL in AOSP.

  1. I am getting “use-Rlog/RLOG-RIL: requestSetupDefaultPDPQMI_r12 Gobi device only supports IPV4” when using JIO card and data connection does not happen.
  • when i set APN to IPV4 (from GUI of mobile settings), i am able to be connected with Data.

  • Can you please suggest way, how to enable IPV6 on EM7565.?? or
    How to set APN to IPV4 (for dynamic IP) form adb shell/command (not from GUI of mobile settings)?


@LTEEM Could you provide log of 1?
If the requestSetupDefaultPDPQMI_r12 reqeust failed with IPv4 only, it means the network side only support IPv4. So host side you need configure APN to support IPv4 only.


@ wzhang

  1. So you mean, I need to set Modem EM7565 on IPv4. Is it? If yes, how to do that with adb shell?
  2. If i set IPv4 on modem, what if network will use IPv6?

@LTEEM I don’t mean configure modem. I mean configure host APN profile.

If you set APN to IPv4 and IPv6, what requestSetupDefaultPDPQMI_r12 error code (Call failed reason) it return?