EM7565 supports only IPV4

Hi All,

I am using EM7565 with Android.
I have integrated RIL in AOSP.

  1. I am getting “use-Rlog/RLOG-RIL: requestSetupDefaultPDPQMI_r12 Gobi device only supports IPV4” when using JIO card and data connection does not happen.
  • when i set APN to IPV4 (from GUI of mobile settings), i am able to be connected with Data.

  • Can you please suggest way, how to enable IPV6 on EM7565.?? or
    How to set APN to IPV4 (for dynamic IP) form adb shell/command (not from GUI of mobile settings)?


@LTEEM Could you provide log of 1?
If the requestSetupDefaultPDPQMI_r12 reqeust failed with IPv4 only, it means the network side only support IPv4. So host side you need configure APN to support IPv4 only.


@ wzhang

  1. So you mean, I need to set Modem EM7565 on IPv4. Is it? If yes, how to do that with adb shell?
  2. If i set IPv4 on modem, what if network will use IPv6?

@LTEEM I don’t mean configure modem. I mean configure host APN profile.

If you set APN to IPv4 and IPv6, what requestSetupDefaultPDPQMI_r12 error code (Call failed reason) it return?



Can you please let me know are you able to access all website from GUI, like www.amazon.com, www.flipkart.com, because we are facing same issue, we are not able to access all website, but few websites are accessible like www.google.com , www.jio.com, also we are using a JIO sim card.

Help on this is highly appreciated,