EM7565: Please implement AT commands for getting more detailed signal receiption information


It would be really useful if we there would be AT commands for getting …

  • … the SINR of all aggregated LTE bands (or even better, of every active stream => like AT!GSTATUS for RSRP)
  • … the LTE timing advance, so we can calcuate the distance to the base station
  • … the currently used modulation scheme. I know the modulation may change very rapidly, but please add such a command nevertheless.
  • … the current BLER (Block Error Rate)

Thank you in advance.




For feature requests like this you need to push them through your commercial channel so we can assess them and tag them to a project (as we need to know we are going to get ROI) given this is not an insignificant request. Additionally if you route it through your commercial channel then you may find there are already functions like this available which are not for general use (and hence have not been published in the generic documentation).