EM7565 network parameters in WCDMA mode


I am developing an application which uses a EM7565 module to gather network parameters (serving and neighbor cells). I mostly use AT!LTEINFO to get those parameters, which shows GSM, CDMA and WCDMA information if available, according to the manual.

The problem is that if I force it to use only 3G (AT!SELRAT=01), AT!LTEINFO replies “Not Available”. Is there any command that I can use to gather network information in this mode?

How about at! gstatus?

AT!GSTATUS only gives me information about the serving cell, I need to check for neighbors too. It also does not report RxLev.

Is that you only consider AT command?

I am not familiarized with other methods to do so, what would be the best way to retrieve those parameters?

I don’t see any other AT command suits your requirement, probably you need to use QMI SDK API.