EM7565 /dev/ttyUSBx


Hello All,

Can anyone tell me usage of each /dev/ttyUSB0 , /dev/ttyUSB1 ,/dev/ttyUSB2?

Issue : I am running EM7565 with RIL Type : QMI

  • Module is able to connect Network and ping to ip address.

  • When i check radio log , i can see lot of AT command firing and response automatically.On which dev port these automatic transfer is happening?

  • Now, I want to send some AT command separately than Automatically.

  • I can write c code for same using /dev/ttyUSB2.But my doubt is if QMI is Automatically transmitting and receiving AT command on same port(/dev/ttyUSB2) then simultneous transfer can create issue in reading response?

In short : How can i be confirmed that AT response is from my AT command or QMT AT command(which is running internally)?