EM7565 CA Inter Band Carrier Aggregation

Hi, I have couple of queries related to Carrier Aggregation in LTE-A
a. How to enable/configure Inter-Band-CA in EM7565
for bands (B7+B4) where Band7 is primary
b. CA combinaton for B66+B7 (although not mentioned in product doc) , is this possible to enable CA for customized combinations

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a. CA is managed by the NTWK , there is no configuration required in the modem.
b. If the specs doesn’t mention B66+B7 we don’t support it.


Hi James

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a. Requirement B7 (Primary) +B4 (Secondary) , but in product document B4 (Primary) + B7 (Secondary)… will this work …
b. We need to support B66+B4 , but product document says B66+B66 is supported assuming B66 is close to B4 will this work…
B4 FDD 1700Mhz: UL: 1710 – 1755, DL: 2110 – 2155
B66 FDD 1700MHz: UL: 1710 – 1780, DL: 2110 – 2200


Hi Vikas,

a. I think it should. For another issue I tested both B3-B7 and B7-B3 both worked, however B7-B3 is not in the PTS either.

b. this is a tricky one. you are right in theory it should work, but if it is not in the PTS we officially don’t support it.


@ [Oedenburger]

Thanks !! Any tip how to monitor and verify CA is running/working
Enabled LTECA . Do we need to enable any other attribute as well i.e LTERXCONTROL or RXDEN

GSTATUS command for monitoring

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should have been enabled by default.

you can monitor CA with at!gstatus? “CA state and SCC”

  • please note CA is only activated if data is being sent.
    when RRC goes down SCC will be deactivated

As per specs of EM7565, we have combination DL and UL separately…
But after enabling CA we saw tremendous increase in UL and DL is more or less same.

Is there any contradiction in specs/datasheet EM7565 (41110788 AirPrime EM7565 Product Technical Specification r10.pdf)