EM7455 configuration settings to improve the network throughput

How do I improve the network throughput on EM7455?

Can I tweak some configuration settings to improve the throughput?

Is the any network throughput related side effect from the continuously running AT commands (for example at+cpin? and at!scact?) ?

have you done comparison on the two cases?


Generically speaking the defaults of the unit are set so that the unit will use every bit of BW that the network gives it. Typically the restrictions are either side of the unit.

  • Host system not streaming fast enough.
  • Network not giving the unit resource as fast as it is requesting them for which there can be multiple reasons i.e. too many users, CA not available, etc.

There is no way to force/trick a network into giving you more unless you try to go down the QoS route which has really only been deployed for emergency services (as it is very complex and needs a significant commercial driver).