EM7455 brick?.

Hi, change to mode 6 (6 - DM NMEA AT QMI SUPPORTED) but the same thing happens.

Any other proof that I can perform?


Have you tried perform “firmware update” through windows ? Please do try using Sierra firmware update tools “fdt.exe”. I’ve done on my EM7455 module and no issues. About “qmi-firmware-update” tools, I’m not sure but I’ve an experience where my MC7455 already at “qdl” mode and tried “qmi-firmware-update” on ubuntu but no luck with an errors and believe my MC7455 totally brick because doesn’t recognized by linux or windows.

Yes, tried with Windows and have the have the same behavior :frowning:

  • Sierra wireless support team is very poor.

  • i do not think their development and testing team have tested their modem properly.

i better try some other modems in the market that have good support.