EM7430 loosing GPS when loosing LTE connection

I developed a tool to log RSRP and GPS position. I noticed that when I loose the LTE connection, the reading on the NMEA port is blocked. AT!GPSSTATUS? gives a FAIL with code 9. (User ended the session), but I did not ended the session.
Question : is it normal that the modem GPS cannot give position when it is disconnecting ?
Is the modem reseting to try to reconnect to LTE ?
GPS is working when the modem is not attached to a network, but it stops just after a while when it is attached to the network.
If this behaviour is normal, I guess I have to deal with NMEA port reconnection.

Are you using standalone mode or agps mode when doing gps fix operation?

You can also check in kernel log dmesg and see if the gobiserial port is disconnected

I use standalone mode.
How do I get the kernel logs ? I checked the logs through the Web of the device, but no gobiserial information in those logs.

Modem is working fine, just some time disconnecting/rebooting when out of cellular network. I guess i need to be able to manage reconnection in my application (not so simple in C#…).

You can see the kernel log by linux command “dmesg”