DS 2.3.1 doesn't open file in last tab


Just noticed something odd with DS 2.3.1

If I have a number of files (tabs) open in the Applications perspective, and the rightmost tab is selected (file open) when I close DS, the next time I open DS the rightmost tab will not contain any file contents. To reload (view the contents of) the tab, I have to close the tab, then reopen the file from the Project Explorer window. All the other tabs appear to be OK.

If I close DS with one of the other tabs selected/active, sometimes the tab that was selected is OK, other times it is blank.

It doesn’t matter how many tabs I have open when I close DS - the last tab is always opened empty (even if there is only one tab).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a project in DS 2.3.1
  2. Open some files from the project - say 3-4 tabs.
  3. Select the last tab (i.e. the rightmost one) and close DS
  4. Wait a few seconds and re-open DS. Note that the last(rightmost) tab is selected, but the contents of the file are missing from the tab body.
  5. Close the tab and re-open the file - contents displayed OK

Any thoughts?

ciao, Dave


Could not reproduce the issue… tried with 2-3 systems…

is the issue still present if opening the dev studio after more than 5-10 minutes.?

Its really strange…


I’ve also noticed that if you close DS with the Target Management perspective open, the problem doesn’t happen. It’s only if the Applications perspective is open when DS is closed.

I’ll try closing and waiting for a while and then re-opening to see what happens.

Running win7 SP1 X64 if that makes any difference.

More soon,

ciao, Dave


I can confirm that if I shut down DS, wait for approx 1 hr, then start DS again, the tab that was open when DS closed is blank and needs to be closed and re-opened again.

This only happens if the Applications perspective is active when DS is closed. If the Target management perspective is active, all files/tabs are restored correctly after DS is started and the view is switched to the Application perspective.

ciao, Dave

This sounds like something we sometimes experience even with the Eclipse Java IDE.
Seems to be better with Eclipse 4.3 (to be integrated in a future release; DS 2.3.1 and incoming 2.3.2 are integrating Eclipse 4.2.2).



It’s not a show stopper - just a nuisance.

Hopefully it’s resolved in upcoming versions of Eclipse.

ciao, Dave