Does 7455 have network auth and user ID info


Hi, I am new to the MC7455. Does the 7455 have network auth and user ID/pw AT commands as found in the Airlink ES450 device? These AT commands on the ES450 are:


And how to get Tx/Rx packet or Tx/Rx byte count values via AT commands on the 7455?

Thanks a lot



Just keeping it simple, the options you mention above are for a PPP dial up connection which is made from the host so the host has to hold and use it during the connection setup, the MC7455 will use whatever is passed to it during the negotiation so, again keeping it simple no it does not hold this (although you canmake it more complicated if you want to).




You can use the “AT$QCPDPP=…” command to configure authentication. The 7455 stores the provided credentials in its flash, and uses these credentials whenever the network requires authentication for context activation (i.e. on !SCACT for 3G, on attachment for 4G).


Thanks for the reply!