Different Consumption of data - modules WP7702

We have actually > 1000 modules online with your sierra WP7702.

I have several IP addresses of the WP7702 module which consume data more than the others.
Do you have a solution to solve this problem. thank you for your support


you can capture the wireshark to do comparison:

yes it’s already done,
We were able to see that there were UDP connections from other modules on an IP.

It seems that the IP addresses that consume the most are those that end in .255, .127 and .63

If we change its addresses with others, we can see a decrease in data consumption.

Is it due to the IP address? Is there any configuration in the module that we need to do?

Best regards

you mean there are unexpected incoming UDP connection?

yes, exactly.
the problem disappears when we change IP address

will there be some hacker attacking this IP address?
As this is incoming UDP message, I don’t know what you can do on module side
(iptables?? port block???)