Difference between FCM and WIP Bearer


I am reading in the Open AT Tutorial and trying to understand how Im going to design my application.

My application is simply put going to send some data over GPRS to a server and I want to know the differences of using the FCM to send the GPRS data and using a WIP Bearer or something similar.

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FCM service ( flow control management )is provided by ADL in order to control specific flow (UART 1, UART 2 or USB physical/virtual ports, GSM CSD call data port, GPRS session data port or Bluetooth virtual data ports) to exchange data on it.

WIP bearer management is used to initialize the TCP/IP network interfaces that work on top of the communication devices provided by ADL,including ,GSM,GPRS,UART,ETHERNET bearer.The bearer management module is responsible for establishing the IP connectivity of the TCP/IP stack and configuring all the sub-layers of the network interface such as Ethernet, PPP, GSM data, and GPRS.


Ok thanks!

So if I would want my application to send some data with GPRS, or sometimes GSM, I wise choice would be to use the WIP bearer approach?