Decoding message tags?

Hi there

I have this problem. Using a wavecom modem, our app is sending out the SMS, but when receiving the reply / message, we get the following message back, and I struggle to seperate the parts / tags, can someone please tell me how this is constructed.

Below is the received message:
2007/07/24 09:31:12 104 > WAVECOM [HandleData] - Data recieved :
+CMT: “+27823876027”,“07/07/24,09:32:40+08”
‚@o@ @this is again a 160 character mess

It seems like the ‘,’ is the seperator for the tags, but what does the following mean?
@o@ @this is again a 160 character mess

We also have the similar thing when a message is too big and spand over 2 messages, we need to concatenate the 2 messages as one, but I don’t know what is part of the actual message, and what is part of the tags, (@ signs, I think), because it is different for each message.

Can someone maybe help me?