Customized linux BSP for the custom board of wp7608


Hi ,

we are using the wp7608 on out customized board and would like to customize the BSP with / without legato (irrelevant)

Once after successful kernel & rootfs , would like to flash the images to appropriate NAND flash.

Could some one point me to the right location to start with this task


Hi Siva,
Please find info and package below:

Hope it helps.


Hi lotam,

I have downloaded the linux-SWI9X07Y_02.16.02.00.cwe file and I am not clear how to use this file for the yocto build.
Could you please guide me on this topic.

Wp7608 application processor data sheet

Hi Siva,

No, you need to refer to “Rebuild Linux Distribution or/and Legato from source” section.
i.e. SWI9X07Y_02.16.02.00 Source is the complete Yocto Linux package used to customize and build your own Linux.

Basically, you just need to extract the package (tar), then “make” to build.

Customization steps depends what device/driver you are going to add.
Maybe you can refer to below doc (for FX30 adding Bluetooth) as example to understand the customize and build/flash process.