Current kernel version for WP750X?


We’re building new hardware and want to use one of the more modern LAN chips, which is not supported by Kernel 3.14 as included in the WP750X BSP. Are there new kernels coming, including any with current security support?




We do not have any plans to move kernels on the WP75 as it is a major exercise.





thank you for your answer. What is the current strategy for security updates on this platform?
CVE-2018-5391 is one of the issues that I have been asked about by a customer.




The strategy is that we have a security team who will look at vulnerabilities on a case by case basis, if they are deemed to be critical such as heartbleed, meltdown, spectre, etc then the platforms will be instructed to address them as and when required and perform a release with them resolved in…

With regards this specific one, our devices in serious systems are rarely exposed to the actual internet and almost never have public IP address to perform a DDoS attack on. They have to go through the operators and will invariably generally be routed over private APN’s which means traffic or the device IP’s are never exposed externally, so any hacker would have to get through the network first which is a pretty tall order (never say never). If customers are using the generic APN and are subsequently performing socket connection to their server the devices will still all be NAT’ed, again meaning they are not externally visible and again the network would have to be hacked first.