Closing of connections required?

I’m trying to port my application from M1306B (EdSoft) to Supreme (WIPSoft).
Until now I close all connections in one (GSP, GPRS, TCP, FTP) with simple AT+CFUN=1,1.
Is it required to close separately all connections? Or is it harmless to do in the same way (AT+CFUN=1,1), cause there is an automatic closing of all?

What’s different in handling of memory/connection?

Thanks for any suggestion.

There is an Application Note somewhere about porting from EDsoft to WIP.
I’m afraid I can’t remember where I saw it - if you can’t find it, try asking your distributor…

‘Porting Guide From eDSoft V3.10 to WIPSoft V3.11’ say’s nothing related to this theme…
It’s a basic question, depending on interaction Wavecom-Firmware - WIPSoft-Application.