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iam using Q2687rd fw 7.52, i want to Display the cell information through AT commands,
by using this commands some extra information is also coming including the cell info. But i want only cell info.

so, how can i solve this problem pls any one suggest me.

thank you in advance.


What “cell information”, exactly, do you want to display :question:

Have you looked at AT+CCED :question:


location(place) area name (cell tower area name)


So how about AT+CREG=2 :question:

And, again, AT+CCED


iam asking about user understandable format.
i want this format-> “begumpet” not like this +CREG: 1,“0031”,“2565”


You mean as in the place name where the tower is - like “Basingstoke” :question:

I don’t think that is possible direct from the modem - you would have to use a database to look it up from the LAC and CI values.

Google “geolocation”

See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/at-command/7798/2


ya… i want that format but it is possible through AT commands, i enabled the +CBM : unsolisated responce in that it display the place name where the tower is. but my question is, i can capture only the place name of that tower not more then that.

in the below example i marked place name of the tower in Red color

+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:44:56:-+CBM: 1872,50,1,1,154545 Talktime Offer: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:44:58:-+CBM: 1760,50,1,1,1myPack. Call 1294: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:45:00:-+CBM: 1776,50,1,1,1myPack. Call 1294: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:45:02:-+CBM: 1792,50,1,1,1LIVE CRICKET dial 53776: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:45:44:-+CBM: 1680,50,1,1,1S P ROAD: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:45:51:-+CBM: 1808,50,1,1,156=20p/m LocAirtel,28d: [Signal:
+CSQ: 17,0
07-03-2015:18:45:53:-+CBM: 1872,50,1,1,154545 Talktime Offer: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,99
07-03-2015:18:45:55:-+CBM: 1760,50,1,1,1myPack. Call 1294: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:45:57:-+CBM: 1776,50,1,1,1myPack. Call 1294: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:45:59:-+CBM: 1792,50,1,1,1LIVE CRICKET dial 53776: [Signal:
+CSQ: 23,0
07-03-2015:18:49:30:-+CBM: 1680,50,1,1,1S P ROAD: [Signal:]


So you’re receiving Cell Broadcast messages.

The modem simply shows you the content of the message - just as if it received a text message.

The modem has no control over the content nor formatting of the messages that it receives!!


vote 1 vote. Its possible to read the Cell tower info since its one of the BroadCast messages. But it does not come up on screen automatically! It is possible to get this as notifications in SMS, once you enable Cell BroadCast messagess (CB) usually in the native SMS application settings


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