Cannot read boot image header


I have a unit returned from the field, it doesn’t boot, debug console lists :-

Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!!
[10] ERROR: No misc partition found
[2840] ERROR: Cannot read boot image header
[2840] ERROR: Could not do normal boot. Reverting to fastboot mode.
[2880] udc_start()

That’s it…

I can see the device listed with the fastboot command, but at a total loss how to recover the device from this state.

The device in question is a WP8548 (1103113).

I downloaded the latest R15 firmware SPK file but that appears to be focused for the swiflash utility that seems to need the device enumerating as a /dev/ttyUSBX which it is not.

Can anybody help?




Hi Steve,
I guess you may try the boot pin, i.e. on MangOH board SW401 pin 7.
Set to ON position and power on, then it may enter the download mode to be flash using swiflash.

Please refer to PTS and developers guide for more info.
Hope it helps.


Hey Iotam, well that was a humbling experience… I made the classic error of assuming it was already in DM Mode, once I flipped SW7 it worked like a charm.

Thanks very much for your help.