Can Open AT OS 6.30 be used separatly from M2M studio?

Hello all,
I’m programing for q2686H using OAT 4.25.01.
Now I want to try new features present in latest OAT 6.30. The OAT is a part of Oasis 2.30.
After Oasis 2.30 is installed a folder OpenAT appears containing
The OS is buried in there some were which makes me use M2M. The Eclipse based M2M is beautiful but it drives me crazy with mouse clicks. I have little time to learn in which far away conner a needed option is hidden. I want makefile back.
Is it possible to use OAT 6.30 the old way with no Eclipse?

If you do a search here for “makefile” (or “make file”?) I think someone has already posted the information that you require…

There are 2 topics on makefile but they use old OAT SDK.

what’s different in the old from the new except for the firmware and plugin directory’s?

i bet you can still build the new firmware the old way

I’l try. Looks like there is a makefile that can be used for a start: