Can not perform OAuth authorization for Airvantage

When my API client requests its access tokens, using an authorization code, AirVantage responds with an HTTP 500, reason given: “None”.

This used to work, I can’t tell what’s wrong

Hi Jorn,

Can you give us more information?

which api do you call:

  • /api/oauth/token

  • /api/oauth/authorize

and which flow:

  • authorization Code Flow.

  • The Implicit Flow

  • Resource Owner Flow

which server is being used
and when is the 500 being received? after login?


Hi Robert,

Calling /api/oauth/token, Authorization Code Flow, using the european server

The 500 is received after I receive the authorization code and try to get the access tokens (by passing the authorization code to /api/oauth/token)

Hi Jorn

Can you provide the client Id you use? We have made some test on our side (with different client Id) and we cannot reproduce.


Hi Jorn,

I think we detect the problem. We are working to fix it asap.

I’ll keep you informed.


Hi Jorn,

The issue has been fixed. Please let us know if it working back on your side.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Alfredo Serrano

Hello Alfredo,

It seems to be working again, thank you very much.

I called /api/oauth/token with Resource Owner Flow using the North American server and it doesnt seem to be working. I’m getting this:

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You have to forgive I’m very new too all this. I’m trying to use the API to perform bulk operations and pull performance data in bulk