Can I move the .metadata folder tree?



Our company policy is that we store our current work on the fileserver - so I created a new folder p:\wavecom and set that as my default workspace.

However… that has resulted in 507Mb of stuff being dumped onto my server share. We really want 3 people developing with M2M Studio in the future, which would mean another 1Gb of duplicated files.

Is it possible to move the .metadata folder to a different folder? I’d like to put the metadata in, say, c:\wavecom and my projects (ie the stuff I write) in p:\wavecom



If that’s the policy, then the company obviously needs to provide an adequately-resourced server.

1G is really just a trifling amount in terms of server storage these days!

After all, if the files weren’t on the server, they’d be duplicated on individual PC hard drives!


We don’t back up individual PC hard drives because there is nothing of great value there. We’re not a big company with a dedicated IT dept so perhaps we don’t work the same way your company does.

The server can cope with the extra data but it seems really unnecessary to force the metadata stuff to be in the same location as the projects - no other IDE I’ve ever used has dumped 500Mb of stuff in the same place I put my own code files. It makes our backups bigger, reduces the number of previous versions of files that we can keep (since it’s using more disk space) and is generally impolite.



I’m pretty sure that backuping the workspace metadata is not necessary, so you can safely create your workspace on your local hard drive.
Then for the projects, usually I intensively works with configuration management (CVS or SVN), by commiting my work at least one time per day.

If it is not enough, you can also have the workspace root on your local hard drive, but choose another folder (even on a network drive) to create your project with the wizard:
you’ll have to uncheck the use default location in the project wizard first step, and choose the folder you want…