can i create & debug projects in LINUX OS

Hi all
is it possible to create and debug projects in LINUX OS like we do in WINDOWS platform.
If its possible please give some directions regarding the same.

also can some one tell how .ELF .AXF .DWL .WPB files are created
(in general the sequence of how DWL file is created)
where i can get information about the formats.

Thanks in advance

Not in the same way as you work under windows. Because the scripts wmnew and wmmake which are used to create/update and build a project for the target are unix scripts it should be possible to create code for the target using linux as the host system. But I don’t know if the compiler accepts the libraries.
But you can neither work with the project wizard nor debugging using the RTE or TMT because they are windows spezific tools.

Best regards, Ralf