BX310x UDP Client/server Broadcast/Multicast Name resolution


I have four questions regarding UDP on the BX310x.

  1. What is the difference of the client/server option for UDP?
  2. I wanted to use my LLMNR implementation on the BX310x, but I do not find any way to enable Multicast for UDP. By using the UDP socket normally, I did not receive Multicast packages.
  3. Since Multicast was not usable, I implemented NBNS for name resolution, since it uses broadcasts. This works when I connect the BX310x to an access point. It received the NBNS query. But if I use the BX310x as an access point and connect my pc to it, it does not receive the NBNS query anymore. I see in wireshark a NBNS query to which seems correct since the access point has
  4. Does anyone know a working way for name resolution in these devices, since my two options did not work?

I hope someone can help me with these questions/problems.

A bit on my system/implementation:
Version is 2.5.0-2.
Command for enabling UDP: AT+KUDPCFG=0,1,137
AT+SRWCFG=3,3 is used for combined mode.
The BX310x is also connected to another access point and exchanging data via TCP.

Best regards,