BC127 PIO notification on BLE active connection


on BC127 Melody Audio 6 manual pio functionalities described on BLE active connection ,

If PIO control is disabled
PIO_4 Output Refers to PIO_4 config in GPIO_CONFIG.
PIO_5 Input On a rising edge, BLE, IAP or SPP connection enter Data mode On a falling edge, exit Data mode

but on melody data 6.0.4 mfi manual

PIO_4 If PIO is high, there is an active Smart (BLE) connection.

I want to know if it is possible to get any pio notification on any BLE device connected on firmware 6.1.5? If yes than what should be configuration for PIO?

Thank you.



I am pretty sure there is no way to indicate that there is an active BLE connection through the PIO’s using the standard firmware, with regards the MFi builds 6.0.4 was quite old so I suspect the current description is correct in the standard documentation where the Apple spec has evolved and changed.



Hello Matt,

I found solution to know whether any BLE connected using PIO_0 in standard firmware 6.1.5.

Configuration we need to do as disable PIO control and PIO_0 will give high signal if any ble device connect to bc127 and when disconnect it gets low signal.

Thank you.