BC127 Notification Sound Feature Request

To whom all it may concern:

So I’m designing a small widget that acts as an HFP device to any phone. I’d like to be able for the device to make a notification sound on certain events. I’d prefer not to have another processor/sound chip to play said notification sound (along with the extra circuitry to mix audio between the two devices).

I know Melody has a built in Tone command but I’d like to request a WAV/PCM playback of a sound baked into the BC127’s flash. I know that the CSR8670 (the main bluetooth chip used in the BC127) has voice prompt ability to store sounds in its flash for notification playback so I know its possible.

This is really just a feature request, of course this is asking for a fair bit.



For feature requests you really need to push them through your commercial channel i.e. who you buy your units through as we need to justify the work from a financial perspective. You also need to spec it out a bit more as well i.e. what action should the sound be triggered on and what sound, do you just want a tone or a full on track?