BC127 - MAP Profile to Send and Read Text Message


I am using BC127 module with version 6.1.5 , i need to send sms using the MAP profile but the current version only support for the incoming message notification so is there any way to read or send message by any other way or is there any upcoming version or other module in which i can get these features?



We are about to release the 7.1 version but we have not performed any upgrades to MAP in this and in terms of feature addition we are unlikely to add anything more to this product for a number of reasons (like we have run out of space).

Unless you specifically require some of the audio features in the BC127 I might suggest using the BX31 as it is smaller and cheaper (plus gives you WiFi if you want it) and while we do not support MAP at the moment if your business case is good then there is a better chance of getting it added to this product. Push through your commercial channel for this.




Hi Matt,

This is for business case only, could you please let me know the link or email id to push it from our commercial channel.




You will need to talk to one of our distributors initially who can then push it internally to us.