Bc118 linux 4.9.80 bluez


Hello !
I trying to add support to a linux system under the Buildroot build system (kernel 4.9.80). We have custom with the BC118. Currently I can send and receive command when I connect to the BC118 via UART and using a terminal (picocom, minicom… ). Command such as BAT or CFG work. But when I try to connect the Linux Bluez stack I can’t seem to find the right configuration to make it work. I did not find any information that could yet help me with that. Does such documentation exist ? Is the BC118 know to work with BlueZ ? Any information on how to connect the BC118 would be helpful.
Thank you very much.



BlueZ is for hosted systems i.e. running the BT stack on Linux, where the BC118 is hostless where the stack is run on the unit so the only way to run it is via discrete commands on the UART.




Thank you Matt, this explain a lot…