Automatic generation of AVMS application package

I’m trying to automate the build process of our product. Our project consists of several build configurations. For each configuration we need to export a AVMS application package. Is it possible to automate the AVMS application package generation, for example by using a post build command?

I’m using Developer Studio 2.3.2, in combination with SL6087.

Unfortunately, this automation is not possible today.
When you’re talking about generating the AVMS package, does it include deltas, or do you want to only include the full app binary each time?

Hello daav, thank you for your response.
We are currently not using the delta packages but these might be a option for the future.

We keep the idea; studying it for a future version.

Good to hear that you are going to study. I would be great to automate this build process too 8)