Automate EM7355 Firmware

We just rolled out 4,000 devices using the Gobi5K and need to update the drivers and firmware. Is there a way to automate and silently install the firmware update?

Currently, when the firmware runs, the user has to hit a key to acknowledge and close out the firmware update window. Our users are not that technical so we need to suppress as much interaction as possible.

Also, we’ve noticed on some devices, the firmware will revert back if the latest drivers are not installed. Can someone confirm this?

We are running Windows 7.
Thank you.

You can install the Generic OEM package that contains the new (desired) firmware image. A Win7 platform or newer is needed. Allow for the automatic firmware download to complete. At the end you may want to confirm the firmware and PRI versions. The software running in the background performs a version check followed by a firmware download.