Auto detection of the network operator/carrier

What is the procedure to automatically detect the network operator ( AT&T, Verizon. T-Mobile, Vodaphone etc)?

Hi akn,
I think it is the same as Automatic detection of the APN for a particular carrier

  • Configure empty APN: AT+CGDCONT=cid,“IPV4V6”,""
  • Reboot device (if any), wait for device registers to network.
  • If the registering is successful, check apn with AT+CGDCONT?
    If it is not, please set particular apn for each operator (you set only 1 time if you don’t change the network’s SIM).
    Note that: remember to set all supported bands for device.


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Can I perform it without rebooting the ME?

Yes, if you don’t want to reboot device, you can detach and attach network again

  • AT+CGATT=0
  • AT+CGATT=1