AT Command script

Dear all,

Developer Studio 2.3.0 now provides the ability to use script to manage redundant AT command sequence.
Easing testing of new AT Commands and typical stress test of any application requiring module control through AT Commands.

Give it a try !

What are the units of the timeout?

There’s no help button.

Timeouts are in ms.
You can display the contextual help link from the “Dynamic Help” view (opened with F1)

My script doesn’t run.

I select the script, choose ‘Run’, but only the first command runs.

There is no dialogue to say that it failed - it just stops

Commands executed from the script dialogue do not appear in the ATI 1 traces


What is the content of your script?
Please pay attention that the “Run” (or double-click) behavior depends on the selected item in the editor:

  • if you select a command item, only this item will be executed
  • to run the whole script, the script node has to be selected in the editor, then click Run

They are (mostly) custom commands for the login details of a client’s app.

applies to Standard commands.


Please could you save the script somewhere (File > Save As…) and attach it here?

Unfortunately not - as it contains login details!

I’ll have to see if I can reproduce it in a non-sensitive version…

Yes please… as we can’t reproduce the issue, please share as much details as possible to highlight the issue in a reproducible way…