Airlink MP70 creating GRE tunnel to cisco router

I am seeking some assistance with connecting a Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 with a Cisco router via GRE Tunnel VPN utilizing the cellular network. I have followed steps listed within the software guide but still unable to connect, any help would be great.

Hi, I just registered myself in this forum and I’d like to know if you find a solution because I have the same goal to achieve … Sandro

Well attempting this implementation our network engineer didn’t want to make configuration changes to the existing tunnel that was configured with (NHRP) the Sierra Wireless modems don’t support NHRP (next hop routing protocol). But an engineer with Sierra Wireless gave me these options.

Since ALEOS does not support NHRP, the only possibilities are:

  1. Use static NHRP, so that the MP70 definitions can be standard GRE
  2. Create an additional tunnel definition at the Cisco end (get another static IP address).

But when attempting to connect with a GRE tunnel the, Private IP of the device behind the tunnel such as the router or if it is in fact another Sierra Wireless MP70 would be the Remote Address such as ( , Leaving remote address type as Subnet Address and the VPN Gateway Address would be the Static IP/ Public IP/ Tunnel IP of the router or another Sierra Wireless modem.

thank you for your answer, Sandro